First step

 Our driving school in Třeboň  can provide you with the driving training in variety of languages. Two teachers are good in Germany and one in English and they will lead you throughout the theoretical lessons and practical training so that you will be able to pass the final driving examination successfully.


Before you sign up for any of the driving trainings you must:


  • meet the minimum age (18) required for each driving license you apply for
  • meet the medical condition required (you will obtain a medical opinion from your doctor - the general practitioner and, it must not be older than 3 months the day you bring it to as)
  • not be prevented from driving for any reason
  • prove the permanent residency or study or job relation to the Czech Republic for at least 185 days the day of your driving examination if you are non-Czech citizen

Print the application form (it has got two sides)


and the medical opinion form.

 After you have filled the application form in and obtained the medical opinion, scaner both of the forms to .

I contact you in a few days to make the first schedule to start your training.

If you need additional information in english, please, contact me with e-mail. 

Skupiny vozidel:

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